by Jun 30, 2017

Website Questions

What does Webbishly mean?

The name reflects our commitment to our clients who are ‘webbishly’ inclined, and are capable of updating their website with the occasional new blog post, headline or photo without having a background in web design or coding. Webbishly websites are yours to keep and change as you wish, with a team of folks ready to help you with website maintenance if you need it. We’re all about keeping costs low and the Do-It-Yourself environment without being all alone.

How is Webbishly different from other online services?

We concentrate on helping small business operators who may not speak the language of websites, even if we’re all familiar with the online environment. Our foremost goal is to help the¬†average business person take care of the management of their website once it’s up and running by making the system simple and transparent. We’re designed to deliver semi custom startup websites on a DIY budget.

What does a website cost?

There are a number of costs involved in setting up a website from scratch, including buying a domain name (typically $15 or less with most domain name sellers), securing a webhost whose server will host your files (anywhere from $90 to $200 a year), and the domain design and installation, which typically runs $350 to setup a simple 5-page website on WordPress, to $600 for 10 pages, and on up. More complicated and customized websites with lots of images, written content and functions run thousands of dollars with monthly upkeep fees, but a beginner can start with the basics and add more as the business needs grow.

How can I get an exact cost for a new website?

We try to keep it simple. See our Pricing Page for a turnkey website that’s affordable. But if you need extras, or something special, it’s time to have a conversation with a Webbishly Websites designer who can give you a precise¬†quote.

What if I don't like it?

You’ll get a chance to make two revisions to your website before we hand over the ‘keys’ so you can make changes to colors or design. At that point, we’ll create a training video just for you showing you how to navigate in your website dashboard to make any additional changes. That keeps you in control and keeps your costs low.

I need more content on my website. Can you help?

Sure can. Our Webbishly team is very handy at creating new blog posts, videos and other goodies for websites. Since your website content is unique, so is our approach to providing your audience with information. Simply send us an email with a request for information, and we’ll talk over what you need and give you a solution.

I'm quitting Wix/GoDaddy/Zoho. How do I transfer my website to another host?

Sorry, those website systems are designed to keep you as a customer and they own the design so you can’t take it with you. But all is not lost. It’s possible to save your website content and move it to a new WordPress site that you own and control. If this is your situation and you need help, simply contact us with a request to help you move your website content and build a new website. We can help!

Video Questions

Can I make a video from a Powerpoint Presentation?

Absolutely. Some people simply save their presentation to video in powerpoint, but often that doesn’t give them the professional result they want. We can take your presentation and edit in additional features to make it worthy of putting in front of the world.

How are Webbishly videos different than what I can do myself?

You may have already put together videos using your phone, or edited together a slide show of photos using an application that comes on your computer. For some people, that’s just the ticket, but we bring a more professional touch to the process, fixing sound issues and editing out boo boos that degrade the final product. If you’re hoping to make a big impression, it pays to have a pro put your video together.

What is your 2-for-1 explainer video deal all about?

We’ve been doing explainer videos for several years, using text and special software that helps create animation slides that caputure viewer attention. Because we’ve ironed out the production issues on these videos, we’re able to provide you with videos that are an average 2 minutes long to help explain your product or service. By creating two instead of one, we can focus on just one or two things, which makes it easy for your customers to understand.

What if I don't like it?

You’ll get a chance to make two revisions to your video. That’s usually plenty of opportunity to pick out things you’d like to change or to make last minute additions.

I want to create a series of short videos to instruct and inform. Can you help me with that?

Sure can. All you need to do is contact us and let us know what you’re working on, and we can create an affordable package deal of videos to use on your website.

Are the images used in your videos royalty free?

Yes. Our collections are designed to use online and in video so that they are shared for business or other personal uses.