Once your website is up and running, it’s time to start sharing your material with other people and build your online audience. While Mak usually shares his Divi secrets, we think you’ll like his easy to understand description of what needs to happen to get a lot of traffic.

Begin Building Content

You need content. You can write, you can create video or video blogs (vlogs), or you can do audio such as a podcast or powerpoint presentation with sound in the background.

It allows people to know what you do, and build a relationship with your business.

Free Advertising Methods

Let’s assume you have loads of content. Now it’s time to share that information through Google, Facebook and iTunes (if you have audio content). You can also use pinterest and instagram, but the former three I’ve mentioned here are the Big Boys for content sharing.

Watch the video below to walk you through how to get traffic to your website by building your audience.