Your WordPress website will need a user name and password when you set it up. You’ll want to create a solid, bulletproof password because hackers will try to use various systems to break in and take over.

While you can install various security plugins to help keep your website safe from spam and hackers there’s nothing better than a foolproof password to keep your business website safe. But where to start?

First, let’s look at bad passwords.

Don’t use:

  1. Common phrases like “GoCubbies”
  2. The name of the city, street or state where you live
  3. Repeated or well known numbers 123456789 or 8675309
  4. The name of a well known person dead or alive
  5. Your name or phrase with @ for A or the number 0 for the letter O

Do use passwords that:

  1. Are longer than 12 characters
  2. Use a different word and number combination from your other accounts.

I use a system called Lastpass that will generate a random password and store it in an encrypted format in cyberspace. Since I’m never ever going to remember these passwords, I let Lastpass do the remembering for me. I use the premium version for $1 a month, and it certainly won’t break the bank, but you can also use a free version.

Get Creative Using Base Components

  1. Create an unusual base word: Make up an indy band name that makes you laugh (i.e. AngryRedButtercups, PoodlesOfDoom).
  2. Create a base random number sequence you’ll easily remember: this can be a combination of various zip codes, the combined numbers birthdates of your siblings or children
  3. Create a base key memory word: Use the first 5 letters from the name of a website or service you like. Also, you can deploy the name of that camp you went to as a child, the teacher who practically ruined your life, or the person who told you the truth about Santa Claus.

Experts advise gluing together word and number combinations that you can easily follow. Use any combination of the above, and don’t forget to change it up with frequency.