Once we set up your Divi/Wordpress website, you may want to add/delete or overhaul. Divi makes it easy to do, but sometimes you just want to understand how it all works.

The designers of Divi have put together a great video to walk you through some hidden features that will let you get ‘under the hood’ and fiddle around with things.

In this video you’ll learn the 10 hidden features you need to know about. They include:

  1. Right Click Options
  2. Disable Dropdown Menu Links
  3. Alternative Scroll-to-Anchor Method
  4. Hide Logo on Mobile
  5. Menu Animation Choices
  6. Edit Footer Credits
  7. Changing the Default Color Palette
  8. Divi Builder Settings
  9. Choose What Meta Info to Display on Blog Posts (i.e. author, date, categories, or comments)
  10. Using the Code Module