Using Webbishly’s Social Media Templates: Part 1

Social Media Marketing Training


We’re giving you our simple DIY social media marketing system because it uses virtually the same steps we take when we create monthly plans for our clients.

Big companies pay anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 a month to have a team put together a customized plan, but this rinse and repeat marketing system will get you big results for free. The catch? You have to do it. Like exercise, nothing happens if you don’t take action.

This is part one of the 2-part training that you can use to train a virtual assistant, in-house social media manager, or intern.

Why Social Media?

Marketing Just like the Big Boys

Corporations spend thousands to achieve the same results!

1. Get The Template

Start with the social media template that is packed with ideas that you can customize for your business.

2. Gather Your Images

Start taking pictures using a camera or cell phone. People, places and products will be your main social media content.

3. Collect And Store

Set up a place to store your online assets. Your material should be available where you can share it with your team.

4. Review and Post

Almost Done! Plug in your photos and ideas into the template & drag and drop into your favorite social media posting application.

Using Webbishly’s Social Media Templates: Part 2

Social Media Marketing Training 


The businesses that put this system to work have been able to drastically reduce the amount of money they spend on monthly advertising. This builds legions of fans and custmers that get to know you and like what you’re doing.

This is a commitment of about 2-3 hours of your time every month, once you’ve set up the system using our template.


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