Once your website is in place, and you’ve begun adding content on a regular basis, you’ll want to add a social media component to your online presence.

We’ve seen this system work again and again, although it takes commitment, much like a diet or fitness regime.

You’re welcome to borrow our template and modify it to make it your own. Simply build a table in Word or Excel (you can use Google’s free version called “Sheets”) and only use the social media platforms that you’re prepared to commit to.

The Lazy Man’s Way To Do Social Media Sharing

If you have an administrative staffer or virtual assistant, you can assign this task to them. It can be done once a month, with the posts being uploaded in a calendar on Buffer.com. Once you connect your social media profiles, you can have Buffer do all the work. They also have a very effective image creator on Pablo that will help you make shareable images with your own headline and logo.

You may not want to use all of the social media platforms in our sample image above (let’s not go all crazy just yet, right?), but start with one or two to get the hang of it.

Once you’ve continued posting links on social media, you can review after 90 days, and make changes or updates at that point.

Too Much Work!

No worries. Here at Webbishly, we have team members who can do your social media calendar and sharing for as little as $350 a month. If that’s a better use of your time and resources, contact us below¬†with your request for more information.

Social Media Done For You

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