Your new Webbishly Website is built on a theme which can be customized whenever you like using the Divi Theme Customizer.

Imagine building a house and deciding you wanted the kitchen in a different place. Naturally, this would entail all kinds of money and permits and, most of all, time.

But unlike your home, your Webbishly Website is easily switched around and changed as your business needs change. You can do it right inside your dashboard using the theme customizer. Sometimes, you don’t know what you want until you see it.

Divi Theme Customizer Option Panel

As you’re learning what you like, and what looks good, the customizer helps you easily and efficiently make changes like a new color scheme, a different font group, menu placement, boxed or unboxed layout, and even your site identity.

That’s not the half of it, but we don’t recommend changing everything all at once. The best method for tweaking your site is to do two or three changes at a time, and then testing whether you like the result. As you make these changes, keep a log of what you did (take a screenshot or write it down in a notes file) so you know where to go back and restore the original setup.

Your other option is to make a backup copy before making changes (If you have a Webbishly Website, you’ll have UpDraftPlus or another backup plugin already installed), and then dive in with your new ideas.

If it all looks crazy afterward, and doesn’t work, you can reinstall your backup copy to get back to where you were.

Still another option is to install a plugin that keeps track of your history of edits. Simple History will let you select a previous edit and then save your work, so that everything goes back to where you wanted it. (Don’t you wish there were a plugin for everyday life that would do the same?)

For a deeper dive into the theme customizer, get the ultimate guide to the Divi Theme Customizer here. It will show you where to find the controls you need.